Created out of the need to bring a sense of “self-care” to the manicure and pedicure experience, ERVA, in Burleigh Heads, is a place where you get a high quality nail service whilst also nurturing your soul. 


We source the least toxic and most natural products for our salon. We believe that by laying a non – toxic foundation to your nails you are practicing the idea of love for yourself and the Earth, enhancing your beauty both inside and out.


We created ERVA as a much needed alternative for everyone: to take time for your nails but also for yourself and well-being.  From the moment you step inside the door, our vision is to provide a sacred place for you to be treated as special as you are.  Incorporating therapeutic health benefits into your manicure and pedicure, ERVA’s experience leaves you feeling revitalised and uplifted. 


Take a break from life.

Get beautiful, healthy nails.

Be happy.


Nail services like you have never seen before.

ERVA is the Portuguese translation for Herb. 


Herbs are an essential component of our ideology. The vital benefits of herbs,

essential oils, salts and ointments are incorporated in our service through our soaks, crèmes, exfoliants and masks.


Our process is more therapeutic than what is typically offered, so a number of options have been created, incorporating our signature ingredients, to make the most of the healing benefits.

Erva-Illustration-02 2.jpg


ERVA loves to help you enhance your inner and outer beauty through your nails, hands and feet, whilst simultaneously showing the respect for our planet, animals and nature.  All of our products are carefully handpicked to ensure there are no harmful chemicals or animal testing while producing amazing results. 

We source the least toxic and most natural products for our salon, as we believe having a healthy and solid foundation is the key to beautiful nails. By choosing ERVA, we can work together to protect the Earth and our animals while discovering a new style of beauty for your nails and enhancing your personal wellness.  

Making the right choices.